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Participation of Global OEMs

The launch of Make in India and a plethora of lucrative complementary initiatives have generated significant global interest in the Indian economy and have prepared India to become a global manufacturing hub. In light of this, most global OEMs are increasingly looking at India for establishing strategic sourcing units and International Purchase Offices. India is a preferred destination for OEMs looking for high quality intermediate products equipped with the latest technology and innovative features. Indian manufacturers have been successful in their pursuit to meet global manufacturing and quality standards with many companies winning the coveted Deming prize in the last decade. Global OEMs have reported cost savings to the tune of 25% in sourcing components from India

The CII Global MSME Business Summit 2017 will have the participation of Procurement / Purchase / Sourcing / Offset Heads from prominent global OEMs in order to promote their strong sourcing relationships with Indian MSMEs

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive opportunity to meet with the Procurement / Purchase / Offsets Heads from 25+ Global OEMs
  • Facilitation of one to one meetings with the participating Procurement / Purchase / Offsets Heads using CII’s Online Meeting Centre
  • Possibility to establish exclusive single source supply relationships with Global OEMs
  • Gain understanding on the requirements and eligibility criteria of Global OEMs to enhance global competitiveness
  • Promotion of the participation of Indian SMEs in global supply chains by connecting them with Global OEMs
  • Platform to demonstrate your prowess and suitability for sourcing relationships with Global OEMs
  • Unique insights on the vendor registration processes and other procedures required to supply to Global OEMs 

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